Luci for Clinical Use

Determine the composition of pathology tissue immediately at the point of procedure and at any point along the histology process.

Clinical Features

  • Optimal for imaging fresh tissue

  • Capable of imaging samples in variety of states
    (fresh, fixed or frozen)

  • Image on-site, interpret anywhere

  • Non-destructive to tissue

  • Eliminate manual workflow



Screen Shot 2021-12-06 at 10.10.39 AM.png


Clinical Applications

  • Determine tissue/specimen adequacy at point of care

  • Interpret samples within minutes of biopsy extraction

  • Appropriately triage samples for downstream
    analytical testing

*Imaged with Luci

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Luci Specifications

Image speed:  54mm²/min

Optical Section Thickness:  10-20 μm

Objective:  10X 0.45

Digital resolution:  0.65 μm per pixel

Tissue size compatibility:  Core needle biopsies, punch biopsies, cassette sized fragments