The Challenge

Physicians often need to know the composition of tissue removed during procedures in order to provide the most accurate diagnosis. Current immediate evaluation techniques do not enable physicians to preview the entire tissue without destroying it. The result is a low-quality sample that often leads to repeat procedures.

The Solution

Instapath introduces an innovative way to evaluate the composition of the entire fresh sample within minutes at the point-of-procedure and preserve it for downstream testing.

Meet Luci™

Luci is an automated digital pathology system to assist you when, where, and how you need it.

image (5).png

Insert a fresh tissue sample, and Luci prepares and scans it, all without cutting or destroying the sample.


Luci lets you see the entire fresh sample within minutes, ready for local and remote review.

Are you ready to see what Luci can do for you?

Luci Specifications

Image speed:  54mm²/min

Optical Section Thickness:  10-20 μm

Objective:  10X 0.45

Digital resolution:  0.65 μm per pixel

Tissue size compatibility:  Core needle biopsies, punch biopsies, small fragments