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Learning Styles and Resources

In a recent poll we asked #PathTwitter, “How do you learn best when studying pathology?” The choices were Hands-on, Reading, Listening and Other. A total of 129 pathologists answered. Hands-on won by a landslide with 66.7%. Reading, Listening and Other came in at 20.2%, 10.9% and 2.3% respectively. While there may be no better teacher than the microscope, scores of online learning resources are available to the pathologist and those on the #Path2Path.

For those who learn best by listening, the new PathPod ( covers hemepath, renal pathology, COVID-19 and includes fun features like a quiz show and dynamic interviews with leading pathologists. The PathPod crew includes Dr. Sara Jiang (@Sara_Jiang), Dr. Kamran Mirza (@KMirza), Dr. Christina Arnold (@CArnold_GI) and Dr. Michael Arnold (@MArnold_PedPath).

For reading enthusiasts, monthly peer-reviewed journals like Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine (@ArchivesPath), Modern Pathology (@ModernPathology) and American Journal of Clinical Pathology (@AJCPjournal) have free access to a multitude of new research and educational subjects featuring laboratory medicine and pathology sub-specialties of every type.

Visual learners get quite a treat with #CAPVirtualPath, the virtual lecture series from the College of American Pathologists (@Pathologists). Topics run the gamut of pathology from breast core needle biopsies, diagnostic evaluation of gliomas and specimen handling and staging of kidney tumors, to name just a few. In addition, Dr. Jerad Gardner (@JMGardnerMD) has a YouTube channel where he covers dermpath including digital whole slide images for 100 classic dermpath cases, textbook reviews and features videos from other sub-specialty pathologists.

As you can see, there is a wealth of information and knowledge for the pathologist at all levels of expertise. And this information is easily accessible online, and it’s free. #PathTwitter is an excellent source to learn about educational opportunities. Check the hashtag #PathTwitter often so you don’t miss out on taking your pathology game to the next level.

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