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Our New Year note to you

Your respect, your support, your time -- this all must be earned and this is what we set out to do with every tweet, every blog post, every newsletter.

Good health amid this pandemic -- what more could we ask for in 2021? Our employees, families and colleagues around the world have remained safe and healthy despite the challenges of COVID-19.

In 2021 we introduced to the market LuciNow, our on-demand, remote slide scanning service for researchers. Digital pathology solutions can be costly, and we developed Luci to help patients, providers and researchers everywhere; we don’t want cost to be a factor when maximizing oncology workflow. With LuciNow, clients from anywhere in the world can experience all of the benefits of Luci and work with our team in a customized service model.

To our growing international audience, we are humbled to connect with providers from India, Japan, and the UK, to name a few. With digital pathology gaining momentum internationally, we have much to learn from and contribute to laboratory medicine practitioners around the world.

Thank you to our readers who have provided feedback on our newsletter content. Inside Look has always been created with you in mind and your feedback directly contributes to our newsletter’s value. To get a closer look at Inside Look, check out our most recent issue. And if you’re ready to take the plunge and subscribe, we’d love to have you as a regular reader.

We’re excited to formally announce our website refresh. Visit to learn more about Luci, learn more about us as a company and browse through our ever-growing blog.

And speaking of our blog. Wow! For the second year in a row we called upon pathologists and aspiring pathologists alike to share pieces of themselves in an effort to make our blog personable and meaningful. And for the second year in a row, you answered. While you can continue to expect articles about AI, digital pathology, precision medicine and the likes you can also continue to expect articles about the people behind pathology. We have a platform and a responsibility to utilize this platform to make a difference in BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities by bringing individuals’ stories to light. Using our social media platform, we’re here to add to the conversation, to offer a space where physicians can safely and openly share the challenges they face.

A budding pathologist once told us, “Nothing is given; everything is earned.” Your respect, your support, your time -- this all must be earned and this is what we set out to do with every tweet, every blog post, every newsletter. Luci was born with the patient and pathologist in mind, and we’re proud to carry this focus over into our communications with you.

Happy New Year to you and yours from the Instapath team!

Instapath was founded in 2017 by the same engineers and scientists who developed the original prototypes. Our vision is to enable patients to immediately know their cancer diagnosis instead of waiting days or weeks for the results. Instapath builds microscopy platforms to improve patient care in the form of faster turnaround times and prevention of high risk and costly repeat biopsy procedures. Further, our goal is to provide users with a seamless, modernized digital pathology workflow with tools to complete all pathology evaluations needed to provide the most precise and efficient diagnoses for patients.

To learn more about us, visit or email

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