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We Stand Against

We stand against racism, inequality and injustice.

As an Asian woman who was not born in America, I have experienced racism and inequality myself. But what I have experienced is nothing close to what George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and millions of African Americans experience every day. When I saw these stories on the news, I thought it was not my place to say anything, because I am not an American. Then, I realized it does not matter, because we are all people. Everyone at Instapath has devoted our lives to building our company and we did not create our company or our products for a special group of people. We created it for humanity.

Not only do we support equality, we support providing equal access to quality healthcare, one of the main reasons we created this company. We are more than committed to make Instapath a place where our employees feel inclusive and equal no matter their race, belief, gender, sexual orientation, sexual identification or where they are from. We are also committed to helping the world become an equal and inclusive place to live.

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