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Who We Are

The idea of high-resolution, rapid imaging microscopy for slide-free pathology was born in our founders' biomedical engineering lab at Tulane University. Our mission: to develop cutting-edge fast and easy digital pathology technology so cancer diagnosis can be made in minutes instead of days. We believe every minute that passes while waiting for biopsy results is a missed opportunity for treatment and recovery.

Instapath was founded in 2017 by the same engineers and scientists who developed the original prototypes. Our vision is to enable patients to immediately know their cancer diagnosis instead of waiting days or weeks for the results. Instapath builds microscopy platforms to improve patient care in the form of faster turnaround times and prevention of high risk and costly repeat biopsy procedures. Further, our goal is to provide users with a seamless, modernized digital pathology workflow with tools to complete all pathology evaluations needed to provide the most precise and efficient diagnoses for patients.

Meet The Founders


Mei Wang, Ph.D.

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David Tulman, Ph.D. 

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J. Quincy Brown, Ph.D.

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